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The animoto film and glogster directions will not be embedded in this powerpoint, as the slides would indicate. Let me know if you are interested and I will post those separately.
1. Powerpoint
2. Animoto Instructions
3. Suggested Sites for Exploring


Explore this first! A Glog about Using Glogster EDU

Student Work example: Idi Amin

Student Work example: World War I

Librarian/Teacher example: Plagiarism


Twitter Cheat Sheet

Authors to Follow

YA Authors on Twitter

Middle Grades Authors on Twitter

Children’s Picture Book Authors & Illustrators on Twitter

Do you see value in using Twitter for your own professional development? Can you think of any instructional uses for Twitter?

I love this VoiceThread example. It makes good use of the different features (images, voice, text, etc.) of the tool. I also really like the content as it provides great reasons why we would all create personal learning networks (through Twitter, Nings, etc.) beyond the walls of our schools and our school district.

I think it would be a fun idea to put a VoiceThread on a school web site introducing the faculty and staff. How could you use VoiceThread with your students? In your schools? For your faculty and staff?

Last week Facebook passed Google (which passed MySpace in 2007) to become the most popular destination on the Web, accounting for just over 7% of all Internet traffic in the U.S.:

Story on Experian Hitwise

CNN Money

Does this mean anything for us? Social networks are almost completely banned here. There are excellent reasons for this. But it’s worth asking whether we’re truly preparing our students for the future they will inhabit and actualize. Are there ways we could make online social networks a part of our vision of teaching and learning?

Wikipedia logo

New study out of the Information School at U of Washington (co-authored by Mike Eisenberg of Big6 fame) into how college students actually use Wikipedia. Among the conclusions: “Overall, college students use Wikipedia. But, they do so knowing its limitation. They use Wikipedia just as most of us do — because it is a quick way to get started and it has some, but not deep, credibility.”

Full paper here:

Discussion on Slashdot: