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Welcome back!

Do you read the journal, “Teacher Librarian”? It’s a great magazine!  I especially enjoyed the December 2009 issue – there were too many great articles to mention them all. Aside from the interview with Chris Crutcher 🙂 , most of the other articles are about the integration of new technology tools into our instructional portfolio.  Check out “The Effect of Web 2.0 on Teaching and Learning” by Richard Byrne – it is a great article, citing the research from the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Youth Study in 2008, summarizing the value and impact of these tools. Do you need some convincing leverage to sustain the buy-in for the use of technological innovations?  Use this article.

The REAL bonus in this issue is this website:  Check it out! There is so much info here, and it is interesting, fun, and motivating to read.  Different from a journal article, this website can be perused in small chunks. Enjoy!



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