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A Web 2.0 Resource for Librarians and Teachers

1. Share out!  Share one of your “take aways” from a session this morning on the Wall Notes. 

           What was interesting?  What are you taking back to work with you?

2. Introductions and Review of Goals and Wiki Reminder
EDUCATING interested librarians and interested staff at our school about Web 2.0 (discussed at our Nov. 3 meeting)
 WEB 2.0 ADVOCACY for instruction and collaboration: what are the issues and how can we instill confidence about these Web 2.0 topics: access, safety, security, and what is plagiarism on Web2.0?
3.  Web 2.0 – Emerging Best Practices
4.   Which Web 2.0 tools do you use? Which ones do you use, or are available to  you in your school? Which ones would like to learn  about? 
5.  Announcements:                  
-Would you like to be on an email list for learning about one tool a week?  Sign up.                 
– Share your access preferences. Which  sites would you choose as high priorities for 1. professional development, 2. for teachers, 3. for library instruction 
6.  Walk the Wall of Interesting Share-Outs

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