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A Web 2.0 Resource for Librarians and Teachers

All of my favorite web tools are on this blog. Check it out at:


Interesting article on O’Reilly Radar by Opera developer Charles McCathieNevile:

Mentions empowerment of tools for user generated content and convergence with mobile apps.

This was posted in MS Library by Donna Forrester at Colvin Run, but it’s a good read, sums up a lot of things. From t|h|e journal:

Hat tip to Melissa Morgan of the UVA cohort and Bonnie Brae ES.

15 years ago today Ward Cunningham put the first wiki online to serve as a workspace for collaborative programming. Story from Wired:

This was posted below, so it is “old info”; however, it is GREAT!! I will delete it a couple of days after the interested librarians have a chance to bookmark it. It’s worth it!